The Symetrix Dante™ Advantage

In 2007 Symetrix recognized the need for a standardized, high performance digital audio networking protocol – not only for our own products but for the pro audio industry at large. After considerable research, we aligned with Audinate to become one of the earliest licensees of the Dante protocol. The choice has proven prescient. Legacy protocols like Cobranet have faded into obscurity. Newer protocols, AVB for example, have failed to gain traction due to inherent technical drawbacks. With hundreds of third party licensees and a list of commercially available products that is growing exponentially, Audinate’s Dante protocol is now an established standard, far and above any competition.

Since the introduction of our first Dante enabled product in August 2012, we’ve leveraged the benefits of the protocol for our own box-to-box audio networking, as well as for peer-to-peer connection with major third parties including Yamaha, Shure, and AudioTechnica. In countless case studies, designers have used inexpensive off-the-shelf switches and cabling to link Symetrix DSPs to Dante-enabled mixing consoles, microphones, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, and laptop computers.

Dante is in our DNA … and that has placed us in a highly advantageous position. While our competitors choose to design for and support multiple network audio protocols, in some cases proprietary, Symetrix designs for and supports only one ubiquitous and clearly accepted industry standard: Audinate’s Dante. The Symetrix Dante Advantage provides our customers with a network audio solution that is flexible, dependable, scalable, and supportable. In short, just what you’d expect from an industry standard … and just what you’d expect from Symetrix.