xIO Bluetooth

Using a modern, full-featured Bluetooth 5.0 chipset allows the xIO Bluetooth to offer extended range, a stable connection, and world-class audio quality. Available in both US and EU form factors, the xIO Bluetooth has a clean, sleek design and is…


Symetrix touchscreens' premium control surface is ideal for houses of worship, conference rooms, auditoriums, hospitality, or anywhere else users need easy access to simultaneous multiple functions controlled by a Symetrix DSP system.

Control Server

Control Server is a flexible and extensible approach to the control of Symetrix Composer-enabled DSPs and select third-party A/V components. The centralized server-based technology enables comprehensive design, deployment, and maintenance of large and sophisticated systems employing numerous control endpoints supporting multiple simultaneous users.

ARC Wall Panels

ARC-3 32 menus, 32 items. Control basic audio functions or complex logic events. Volume/mute, preset selection, room combining, much more. Capacitive touch with LED highlighting. Available in silver, white, and black. Universal mounting, in-wall or surface mount, US or EU/UK.…