SymVue is a network-based runtime application for standard Windows PCs, touchscreen enabled PC's, and tablets. SymVue displays Control Screens authored in, and exported from, Symetrix Composer which are used to control Edge, Radius, Prism, and Solus NX DSP’s.


Composer® is the Windows® application used to program Radius NX, Prism, Edge, and Solus NX DSPs. In addition to the programming of one-to-many Symetrix DSPs, Composer also natively configures the setup and routing for Symetrix Dante I/O Expanders along with select third-party Dante endpoints.


ARC-WEB is a virtual user interface that controls volume, mute, source selection and other parameters of sound systems from smartphones and tablets. Any popular browser can be used to control audio via the web servers embedded in Prism, Radius, Edge, Solus NX, Jupiter, and Zone Mix 761 DSPs. There are four unique instances of the ARC-WEB. Each of four users can be assigned a different ARC-WEB with unique privileges and security. Installation is simple. Other than connecting a low-cost wireless access point to your DSP, no additional hardware is required.