Adaptive Remote Control: ARC-2e Wiring

The ARC-2e is a menu-driven adaptive remote control for Symetrix DSPs. Featuring a more simplified design for enhanced reliability and robustness, the ARC-2e succeeds the ARC, ARC-2, and ARC-2i. This tech tip will review how to properly wire an ARC-2e.

General Wiring Guidelines

Most Symetrix DSPs can wire directly to a ARC-2e using a straight-through CAT5 cable.

Multiple ARCs can be daisy-chained together. Download the ARC Power Calculator at to calculate distance limitations.

Wiring to a Symetrix DSP With No ARC Port

If using the ARC-2e with a Symetrix DSP that does not have an ARC port (8×8 DSP, for example), it will be necessary to connect the appropriate pins of the ARC CAT5 cable to the RS-485 port on the DSP and DC power supply.

  1. Terminate a CAT5 cable on one end with a male RJ-45 (8P8C).
  2. Strip remaining end and prepare connection to the following pins:
    a. RS-485 ground > Pin 3
    b. RS-485 data A > Pin 4
    c. RS-485 data B > Pin 5
    d. DC ground > Pin 6
    e. DC + V > Pin 7
    f. DC + V > Pin 8 (optional)
  3. Pins 3, 4, 5 will connect to the RS-485 port on the host DSP.
  4. Pins 6 and 7 will connect to a DC power supply.
  5. Pins 1 and 2 are not used.
  6. RJ-45 end of CAT5 plugs into ARC-2e.

Within limitation, any subsequent ARC in the chain will receive data and power via CAT5 from the first ARC-2e.

DC Power Requirements

The ARC DC power requirements vary depending on the voltage supplied and the number of ARCs on the chain. At 15 VDC, one ARC-2e uses approximately 115 mA, while at 6 VDC it uses approximately 300 mA maximum. As the voltage goes from 15 to 6 VDC, the DC power requirement increases accordingly. Visit and download ARC Power Calculator for detailed information.

For additional information on this topic, email Symetrix technical support at

Josh Carter

Josh Carter

Symetrix Technical Support Engineer

Document: 2011-09-ARC-2e-Wiring
First published: August 2013
Last Updated: November 2022

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