Banquet Hall

Audio System Requirements

  1. 6 combinable rooms, with 2 mic and 2 line inputs per room.
  2. Combinable audio-mixing of each room’s microphones.
  3. 8 BGM sources selectable in all areas.
  4. Source selection using wall panel controllers located in each room.
  5. Inputs and outputs for rooms A and B must be connected using Dante™ network.
  6. Support for mobile device control of source selection, volume control and combining for all rooms.
  7. Audio system “MUTE ALL” function triggered from a fire/emergency alarm system.
  8. Comprehensive loudspeaker management including EQ, high and low pass 48dB/octave filters and comp/limiting.

Symetrix Components

QTY Description Notes
1 Prism 16×16 16 mic/line in, 16 line out DSP, 64×64 Dante (uses Dante network for expansion).
1 xIn 12 12 channel analog input expander. (uses Dante network to link to DSP).
2 xIO 4×4 4 mic/line in, 4 line out analog expander (uses Dante network to link to DSP).
6 ARC-3 Capacitive touch wall panel controller with graphic display.
1 ARC-PSe Rack mount wall panel power supply for ARC’s.
1 ARC-WEB Control interface running on a mobile or desktop device to control audio via an embedded web server running on the Prism 16×16.
1 Composer Windows software – design & configure system.

Solution Overview

Requirement Notes
Room Combining, BGM selection and volume control An ARC-3 wall panel is installed in each of the six 6 rooms.
Rooms A and B connected using Dante network An xIO 4×4 is used for the inputs and outputs of rooms A and B, connected via Dante network.
Mobile BYOD browser-based control of music source and volume in each room The Prism embedded ARC-Web server is programmed from Composer to control source selection and volume in parallel with the ARC-3 wall panels in each room.
Comprehensive Loudspeaker Management The Prism is programmed using Composer to include Speaker Manager and Compressor Modules.
Fire/emergency audio MUTE ALL Third-party alarm system logic wired to a Prism external control input triggers a “MUTE ALL” state.

Prism 16x16

  • 16×16 analog I/O with 64×64 Dante and powerful Symetrix DSP processing.
  • Industry leading analog mic-pre and A/D/D/A performance, 48 volt phantom mic power.
  • Configured using award winning Composer software. Controlled via ARC wall panels, ARC-WEB browser, 3rd party touchscreen.
  • Dante™ Network Audio Protocol. No audible latency. Uses standard IT infrastructure.
  • Front panel OLED displays configuration and metering. Embedded web server enables remote metering and diagnostics.

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xIn 12

  • 12 channel analog input expander with a 12 channel Dante network audio output.
  • Programmed using Composer.
  • Industry leading audio performance specifications.

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xIO 4x4

  • 4 channel analog input and 4 channel analog output expander with a 4 channel Dante network audio output and input.
  • Programmed using Composer.
  • ½ rack form factor. PoE injector included. Options for surface or rack mounting.

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  • 32 menus, each with up to 32 items for controlling basic audio functions or complex logic-based events including volume, preset and source selection, room combining and more.
  • Bright, crisp 256×64 pixel OLED display is graphic and multi-lingual capable.
  • Capacitive touch user interface with LED side lighting provides instant operational feedback.

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  • Versatile half-rack power supply distributes power and data to multiple ARC wall panels via eight RJ-45 connectors over long distances.
  • Connects directly to Edge, Radius, Prism and Jupiter DSP’s using standard CAT5/6 cables.
  • Supports flexible ‘star’ configuration, ‘daisy-chain’ or a hybrid of the two.

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  • Use a web browser running on a mobile and desktop device to control audio via embedded web servers running on Edge, Radius, Prism and Jupiter DSP’s.
  • End users control volume, mute, source selection and other parameters of their sound systems using favorite browsers.
  • Flexible and secure. Up to four users can be assigned a different ARC-WEB with unique privileges and security.
  • Installation is simple. Just connect the DSP to a low cost wireless access point.
  • Using a mobile device, management can roam between zones to adjust source and volume, matching the functionality of the local ARC-3 wall panels in each zone.

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  • Composer is an award winning CAD program used to create site file designs perfectly suited to each and every application.
  • Management of all aspects of audio routing, processing, mixing, user control and security for Edge, Radius, and Prism series DSP’s and accessories.
  • Native configuration and control of select Dante third-party endpoints.
  • Over 600 DSP modules and dozens of control and logic modules.

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System Hookup Diagram


Downloads and Links

Banquet Hall – Composer Site File
Banquet Hall – System Hookup Diagram
Banquet Hall – Download Application Note
Questions? / Comments? – Symetrix Tech Support

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