Broadcast Studio

Audio System Requirements

  1. Processing for 2 microphones including DeEsser, Expander, Compressor/Limiter, EQ, and Delay.
  2. Stereo processing for Dante™ broadcast feed including Expander, Automatic Gain Control, Multi-band Limiter, EQ, and Delay.
  3. Windows control screen for controlling output volume levels, EQ and compression settings for each microphone, EQ and AGC settings for the stereo line source, and custom presets for individual voice talents.

Symetrix Components

QTY Description Notes
1 Prism 4×4 4 mic/line in, 4 line out DSP, 64×64 Dante (uses Dante network for expansion).
1 Composer Windows software – design & configure system.
1 SymVue Windows runtime control interface software – generated from Composer.

Solution Overview

Requirement Notes
Comprehensive mic processing Prism 4×4 is programmed using Composer to include DeEsser, Expander, Compressor/Limiter, EQ, and Delay modules.
Comprehensive line processing Prism 4×4 is programmed using Composer to include Expander, Automatic Gain Control, Multi-band Limiter, EQ, and Delay.
Super-user control screen Composer generated SymVue file for volume control, processing adjustments, and preset recall.

Prism 4x4

  • 4×4 analog I/O with 64×64 Dante and powerful Symetrix DSP engine.
  • Industry leading analog mic-pre and A/D/D/A performance, 48 volt phantom mic power.
  • Configured using award winning Composer software. Controlled via ARC wall panels, ARC-WEB browser, and third-party touchscreens.
  • Dante™ Network Audio Protocol. No audible latency. Uses standard IT infrastructure.
  • Front panel OLED displays configuration and metering. Embedded web server enables remote metering and diagnostics.

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  • Composer is an award winning CAD program used to create site file designs perfectly suited to each and every application.
  • Management of all aspects of audio routing, processing, mixing, user control, and security for Edge, Radius, Prism series DSPs, and accessories.
  • Native configuration and control of select Dante third-party endpoints.
  • Over 600 DSP modules and dozens of control and logic modules.

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  • SymVue is a network-based runtime application for Windows PCs, touchscreen enabled PC’s, and tablets.
  • SymVue displays Control Screens authored in, and exported from, Symetrix Composer.
  • GUI designers can consolidate commonly used controls from across multiple units into one or more simple and intuitive end user control screens.
  • Multiple instances of SymVue can be deployed across a control network and parameter changes are always in sync between Composer, ARC Wall Panels, ARC-WEB, third-party controllers, and SymVue.

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System Hookup Diagram

Broadcast Diagram

Downloads and Links

Broadcast Studio – Composer Site File
Broadcast Studio – SymVue Windows File
Broadcast Studio – System Hookup Diagram
Broadcast Studio – Download Application Note
Questions? / Comments? – Symetrix Tech Support

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