Conference Room

Audio System Requirements

  1. AEC applied to 6 microphones to guarantee maximum far-end intelligibility of local participants.
  2. 6 Dante-enabled networked microphones.
  3. DSP system support for each microphones’ push-to-talk functionality.
  4. Wall panel control of 2 audio outputs feeding ceiling speaker power amps.
  5. Cisco and Asterisk SIP-based VoIP telephony interface.
  6. Support for AJAX/HTML5 standards browser based dialing.
  7. Windows control screen for dialing and volume control.
  8. 2 stereo auxiliary line level inputs, e.g. PC output and laptop.
  9. Auto mixing capabilities for both far end send as well as local voice lift.
  10. Comprehensive loudspeaker management including EQ, high and low pass 48dB/octave filters and comp/limiting.

Symetrix Components

QTY Description Notes
1 Radius AEC  8 AEC in, 4 line in, 8 out DSP, I/O expander card slot, 64×64 Dante.
1 2 Line VoIP Interface Card Cisco and Asterisk SIP-based VoIP plug-in card for Edge, Radius 12×8 EX and Radius AEC.
1 ARC-K1e Rotary encoder wall panel controller.
2 SymVue Windows runtime control interface software – generated from Composer.
1 ARC-WEB Dialer Embedded controller server running on Radius AEC
1 Composer Windows software – design & configure system.

Solution Overview

Requirement Notes
On wall volume control An ARC-K1e enables control of overall room volume.
HTML5 web dialing Symetrix ARC-WEB browser based dialer can be used by PC’s or mobile devices for dialing.
Super-user control screen Composer generated SymVue file for dialing and volume control running on a Windows based touch screen controller.
Networked microphones 6 x Audio-Technica ATND8677 Dante microphones.
Push to talk buttons Composer software facilitates direct integration of the push to talk features of the microphones.
Cisco and Asterisk SIP-based VoIP interface The Symetrix 2 Line VoIP Interface Card installs into the Radius AEC.
2 stereo auxiliary line level inputs Connect directly to the Radius AEC line level inputs.
Auto mixing A separate Gain-Sharing auto mixer is employed for the microphone signals being sent to the far end and also for local voice lift as required.
Comprehensive loudspeaker management Radius AEC programmed from Composer with Speaker Manager and Compressor Modules.

Radius AEC

  • Universal DSP building block with a 64×64 channel Dante™ network audio port.
  • 8 AEC inputs, 4 aux inputs, 8 outputs.
  • Configurable input/output option card slot reduces total system cost.
  • Industry leading audio performance specifications..
2 Line VoIP Interface Card

2 Line VoIP Interface Card

  • Natively integrates with Cisco and Asterisk SIP-based call platforms. Supports both narrow and wide-band audio codecs and is capable of a broad range of telephony functions including dial, hold, resume, transfer, do not disturb and conference.
  • The 2 Line VoIP Interface Card is well suited for applications in conferencing, paging, remote monitoring and broadcast.
  • Easy to deploy and manage. The intuitive configuration software is accessible from both the AV and VoIP LANs giving AV integrators and IT/VoIP administrator’s easy access for configuration and maintenance.

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  • It looks like a single volume control but it’s actually two. Push the knob in to toggle between the two rotary encoders. An LED indicates the active control.
  • An 8-segment LED ladder shows the volume level.
  • Hardware lockout pins accommodate an installer supplied key switch.
  • Power and signal arrive and depart via CAT-5/6.
  • Supports “idle” mode for light-sensitive environments such as theaters.
  • Furnished with a standard, white, single gang Decora faceplate and splash resistant overlay.

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  • Composer is an award winning CAD program used to create site file designs perfectly suited to each and every application.
  • Management of all aspects of audio routing, processing, mixing, user control and security for Edge, Radius and Prism series DSPs and accessories.
  • Native configuration and control of select Dante third-party endpoints.
  • Over 600 DSP modules and dozens of control and logic modules.

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  • SymVue is a network-based application for Windows PCs, touchscreen PCs, and tablets.
  • Control screens are authored in Composer from which SymVue runtime versions are generated.
  • Important control parameters from one or multiple DSPs are easily consolidated onto user friendly screens.
  • Multiple and concurrent instances of SymVue may be deployed across a control network.
  • Parameter changes are always in sync between Composer, ARC Wall Panels, ARC-WEB, third-party controllers, and SymVue.

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  • A unique instance of the ARC-WEB Dialer may be enabled/disabled for each telephony interface.
  • Each ARC-WEB Dialer instance controls two lines, two assignable volumes and mutes per line, 20 speed dial locations shared between lines, and up to 16 presets shared between lines.
  • Each ARC-WEB Dialer instance may be protected with a unique username/password.
  • Web App enabled, so ARC-WEB Dialers may be saved to your mobile device’s home page for instant access appearing as a native app.
  • Supported on the latest and most popular Windows and Mac OSX browsers as well as Android and iOS devices.

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System Hookup Diagram


Downloads and Links

Conference Room – Composer Site File
Conference Room – SymVue Windows File
Conference Room – System Hookup Diagram
Conference Room – Download Application Note
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