Multi-zone House of Worship

Audio System Requirements

  1.  Multi zone speech reinforcement routing and control.
  2.  Concert quality audio and multimedia capabilities for special events and recording.
  3.  Calendar controlled automatic preset selection of source and routing for prescheduled events.
  4.  Microphone automixing with priority selection.
  5.  Speech processing for each microphone including EQ and automatic feedback elimination.
  6.  Comprehensive loudspeaker management in all congregation zones to include EQ, limiting, high and low pass filters, delay and mute.
  7.  Remote wall mount volume control for balcony, foyer and exterior.
  8.  Tablet-based control system with real time adjustment and mixing capabilities.
  9.  Zone volume control from multimedia/rack room.
  10.  Integration with current Crestron control system.

Symetrix Components

QTY Description Notes
2 Prism 12×12 12 mic/line in, 12 line out DSP (uses Dante network for expansion).
2 ARC-EX4e 4 push-button wall panel combined with ARC-K1e to create Modular ARC.
3 ARC-K1e Remote wall mount volume control for balcony, foyer and exterior.
1 Composer Windows software – design & configure system.
1 SymVue Windows runtime control interface software – generated from Composer.

Solution Overview

Requirement Notes
Speech reinforcement & processing Each microphone connected to a Prism 12×12 will be routed through a high pass filter, EQ and feedback fighter. Each input can be routed to any output via a matrix mixer.
Multimedia Input CD and DVD players are connected to the line inputs of a Prism 12×12. Audio is then processed via an AGC (Auto Gain Control) module to ensure multimedia signal levels are consistent regardless of program material.
Prescheduled events Input and output routing options for prescheduled events are stored in the Composer site file as presets. Composer’s event scheduler recalls these presets at the programmed date and time. The presets include: morning service, evening mass, prayer and choir rehearsal.
Automixing with priority Each group of inputs are routed to gain-sharing automixers. Each automixer has individual channel faders and a master. Each individual channel can be set to either manual or auto mix mode. Channels also have priority level adjustments. Input groups include: service microphones (ambo, altar, lectern and wireless), multimedia (CD and DVD) and choir (director, solo, choir, piano, guitar, bass and drums). The automixer level and function are all adjustable via SymVue remote control.
Loudspeaker management Each Prism 12×12 is programmed using Composer to include speaker manager and limiter modules for every output.
Wall mount volume control (1) ARC-K1e will be installed in the balcony to provide volume control of balcony.  (2) ARC-K1e’s will be installed in the foyer to provide volume control of foyer and exterior.

Prism 12x12

  • 12×12 analog I/O with 64×64 Dante™ and Powerful Symetrix DSP processing.
  • Industry leading analog mic-pre and A/D/D/A performance, 48 volt phantom mic power.
  • Configured using award winning Composer software. Controlled via ARC wall panels, ARC-WEB browser and 3rd party touchscreen.
  • Dante™ Network Audio Protocol. No audible latency. Uses standard IT infrastructure.
  • Front panel OLED displays configuration and metering. Embedded web server enables remote metering and diagnostics.

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  • Single volume knob with two encoders. Can be used to control one or two volume faders.
  • An 8-segment LED ladder shows the volume level.
  • Power and signal arrive and depart via CAT-5/6.
  • Supports “idle” mode for light-sensitive environments.

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  • Modular user wall panel with four buttons that are programmed as momentary, latched or radio.
  • Well-suited for control of mute, source selection and presets.
  • Tri-color LEDs provide user feedback. LEDs and buttons may be linked or programmed independently.

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  • Composer is an award winning CAD program used to create site file designs perfectly suited to each and every application.
  • Management of all aspects of audio routing, processing, mixing, user control and security for Edge, Radius and Prism series DSPs and accessories.
  • Native configuration and control of select Dante third-party endpoints.
  • Over 600 DSP modules and dozens of control and logic modules.

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  • SymVue is a network-based application for Windows PCs, touchscreen PCs, and tablets.
  • Control screens are authored in Composer from which SymVue runtime versions are generated.
  • Important control parameters from one or multiple DSPs are easily consolidated onto user friendly screens.
  • Multiple and concurrent instances of SymVue may be deployed across a control network.
  • Parameter changes are always in sync between Composer, ARC Wall Panels, ARC-WEB, third-party controllers, and SymVue.

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System Hookup Diagram


Downloads and Links

House of Worship – Composer Site File
House of Worship – SymVue Windows File
House of Worship – System Hookup Diagram
House of Worship – Download Application Note
Questions? / Comments? – Symetrix Tech Support

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