Rock & Roll Museum

Audio System Requirements

  1. Audio processing of 15 media players with feeds routed to 15 separate exhibit zones.
  2. Comprehensive loudspeaker management for directional speakers at each exhibit.
  3. Unique “Be the Drummer!” jam room requires treatment and routing of drum mics.
  4. Full end-user control over jam room has two modes of operation: Play-along mode, and Solo mode.
    • Play-along mode requires control of an external media player for song selection.
    • Both modes require control of the headphone mix: BGM, drums, and overall level.
  5. Lobby/ticketing area requires BGM and Paging – BGM is automatically ducked during pages (pages route to Exhibit area as well).
  6. 1 gooseneck paging mic in lobby area, connected to the DSP via the Dante™ network.
  7. Automatic gain adjustment of lobby BGM to handle a wide variety of program levels.
  8. Zone and paging volume control needed in lobby area.
  9. Emergency system mute triggered by fire alarm panel.

Symetrix Components

QTY Description Notes
1 Radius 12×8 EX 12 in, 8 out, I/O expander card slot, 64×64 Dante (uses Dante network for expansion).
1 4 Channel Analog Input Card 4 additional analog mic/line inputs – fits into Radius 12×8 EX card slot.
1 xIn 12 12 channel analog input expander (uses Dante network to link to DSP).
1 xOut 12 12 channel analog output expander (uses Dante network to link to DSP).
1 ARC-K1e Rotary encoder wall panel controller.
1 Composer Windows software – design & configure all items.
1 SymVue Windows runtime control interface software – generated from Composer.

Solution Overview

Requirement Notes
Processing and routing of multiple media players to multiple highly-directional speaker zones Processing and routing is accomplished via Composer’s myriad of DSP modules.
Comprehensive loudspeaker management for exhibit speakers A Speaker Manager module dedicated to each zone provides 8-bands of parametric EQ, High Pass/Low Pass filters, and built-in delay.
“Be the Drummer!” drum mics require processing, mixing and routing Gating, EQ, compression and mixing of drum mics is provided by Composer’s DSP modules.
Full end-user control over the “Be the Drummer!” system, including: mode selection, song selection, media player transport controls, and level control End-user control accomplished via a SymVue control screen generated within Composer.

Mode selection via two presets created in Composer to toggle between the “Play-along” and “Solo” modes of operation.

Media player control is accomplished by triggering Composer’s string output modules to transmit commands over IP or RS-232 to the room’s media player.

Paging and automatic ducking of BGM in lobby/ticketing area The Radius 12×8 EX is programmed from Composer with a Ducker module in-line with the BGM music.
1 Dante-enabled mic for paging station Audio-Technica ATND8677 Dante-enabled mic is natively supported in Composer, allowing for seamless integration.
Automatic level adjustment of lobby BGM An Automatic Gain Controller DSP module helps to regulate a variety of unpredictable input levels.
Uncomplicated volume control for the lobby area An ARC-K1e wall controller provides simple control over zone and page volume.
Fire alarm panel automatically mutes the audio system Easily integrated using the built-in GPIO of the Radius 12×8 EX. A system mute can be built using Composer’s full suite of logic modules, or simply drop in the “Emergency System Mute” super-module included in software.

Radius 12x8 EX

  • 12 analog mic/line inputs, 8 analog outputs, 64×64 Dante™.
  • Configurable input/output option card slot.
  • On-board 10/100 and gigabit switches.
  • Industry leading audio performance specifications.

4 Channel Analog Input Card

  • 4 mic and/or line level inputs.
  • +48v phantom power @10mA.
  • Programmed using Composer.
  • Industry leading audio performance specifications.

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xIn 12

  • 12 channel analog input expander with a 12 channel Dante transmit.
  • Programmed using Composer.
  • Industry leading audio performance specifications.

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xOut 12

  • 12 channel analog output expander with a 12 channel Dante receive.
  • Programmed using Composer.
  • Industry leading audio performance specifications.

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  • Single volume knob with two encoders. Can be used to control one or two volume faders.
  • An 8-segment LED ladders shows the volume level.
  • Power and signal arrive and depart via CAT-5/6.
  • Supports “idle” mode for light-sensitive environments.

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  • Composer is an award winning CAD program used to create site file designs perfectly suited to each and every application.
  • Open architecture programming of audio processing and routing, user control, and security for all Symetrix Dante-enabled DSPs, Solus NX DSPs, and accessories.
  • Native configuration and control of select Dante third-party endpoints.
  • Over 600 DSP modules and dozens of control and logic modules.

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  • SymVue is a network-based runtime application for Windows PCs, touchscreen enabled PC’s, and tablets.
  • SymVue displays Control Screens authored in, and exported from, Symetrix Composer.
  • GUI designers can consolidate commonly used controls from across multiple units into one or more simple and intuitive end user control screens.
  • Multiple instances of SymVue can be deployed across a control network and parameter changes are always in sync between Composer, ARC Wall Panels, ARC-WEB, 3rd party controllers, and SymVue.

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System Hookup Diagram



Downloads and Links

Rock & Roll Museum- Composer Site File
Rock & Roll Museum – SymVue Windows File
Rock & Roll Museum – System Hookup Diagram
Rock & Roll Museum – Download Application Note
Questions? / Comments? – Symetrix Tech Support

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