Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

Radius and Edge Expansion Cards

Radius and Edge Expansion Cards Features Expand I/O Capacity and Add Functionality Analog Audio: 4 Channel Input | 4 Channel Output Digital Audio: 2 Stereo Pair Channel Input | 2 Stereo Pair Channel Output AEC: 4 Channel Input Telephone: 2 Line Analog | 2 Line VoIP USB : 1×1, 2×2, and 8×8 Modes Models Specifications […]


Composer Series Prism Symetrix’s Prism open-architecture DSPs are the workhorse of any system and meet the needs of many common applications. Available in a variety of common channel configuration and with both Dante and non-Dante options, there is a Prism perfect for your application, without spending on unneeded features. Contact US Representative Contact International Distributor […]


Composer Series Edge The Edge Digital Signal Processor is all about flexibility. With four card slots and a wide option of user-installable cards, Edge is the go-to DSP when you need a very specific combination of features and nothing else will work. Contact US Representative Contact International Distributor Series Features A Powerful DSP Featuring Flexible […]

Radius NX

Composer Series Radius NX Radius NX is the flagship of the Symetrix DSP series, with all the features needed for any application. While perfectly suited to conferencing with optional AEC and built in USB, its flexible card slot and expandability via Dante make it the perfect building block for any application. Contact US Representative Contact […]

Symetrix Radius NX Series is a Leap Forward for Audio DSPs

Seattle, WA, USA Symetrix, manufacturer of high-performance digital audio products for the installed sound market, announces its Radius NX 4×4 and Radius NX 12×8 1U rack-mount audio signal processors. Each model supports 128 (64×64) channels of redundant Dante network audio and delivers Symetrix’ famed audio quality, including ultra-low-noise preamps with digitally controlled 3 dB gain […]

Symetrix Expands Dante DSP Line-up with Launch of Prism

Seattle, WA: Symetrix has announced the launch of its Prism digital signal processing platform. Joining the manufacturer’s line of Dante™ enabled DSPs, Prism delivers cost-efficient, high-powered networked audio processing for a wide range of installed sound applications. Symetrix Prism is comprised of four products, varying only in I/O count and form factor. Prism 4×4 features […]