Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

xIO Bluetooth Series

xIO Bluetooth Series The Symetrix xIO Bluetooth family of PoE-powered Dante endpoints are the perfect addition to any Symetrix Composer based installation needing flexible wall mounted connectivity with world-class audio performance. Series Features Available in black or white, the xIO Bluetooth family has a clean, sleek design and is compatible with standard Decora faceplates. The […]

xControl External Control Expander

xControl External Control Expander Contact US Representative Contact International Distributor Series Features Expanded External Control for Composer-enabled DSPs Analog / Logic Control Inputs | Logic Outputs | RS-232 Flexible 1/2 Rack Form Factor Powered Via PoE (Switch or Injector) Overview Model Specifications Downloads Compatible Products External Control Plus.  Designed for use with Radius, Prism, Edge, […]

xIO Audio Expanders with Dante

xIO Audio Expanders with Dante Easily expand your Radius NX, Edge or Prism Dante DSPs system with xIO Audio Expanders. Series Features Designed for use with Symetrix Dante-enabled DSPs Software setup using Composer Low-cost way to increase system analog I/O capacity Ultra low latency – no audible delays Top of the line specifications Overview Models […]

xIO XLR Crafted Excellence

What are you passionate about? Do you have any moments in your life where you have the desire and the luxury of time to do your very best at something? I hope so. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures.

xIO XLR-Series

xIO XLR-Series The xIO XLR-Series sets a new standard for performance IO with pristine audio, industrial-strength materials, exceptional design, AV control options, and a complete line of models that reliably deliver sophisticated results. Contact US Representative Contact International Distributor Series Features Studio-grade AD/DA Transparent mic preamps with up to 51 dB of gain adjustable […]

Symetrix xIO Stage 4×4 Dante Stage Box the Antidote to Network Endpoint Weak Links

Seattle, WA-November 2019… Say goodbye to traditional analog microphone lines that are prone to noise induction and general signal degradation; the new Symetrix xIO Stage 4×4 Dante™ stage box offers a far superior digital solution for professionals installing audio systems in difficult and demanding stage environments. The Symetrix xIO Stage 4×4 is a rugged, durable, audio-over-IP solution […]