Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations


Composer Award-winning Composer® for Windows® handles end-to-end configuration of Radius NX, Prism, and Edge DSPs…including creation of customized GUIs, scheduling, presets, logic, security, and integration of Symetrix and third-party control solutions. Download What’s new in Composer 8.5 Composer 8.5 is a major release and features the following enhancements: Support for T-7 Glass Support for xIO XLR-Series […]

Zone Mix 761 Software

Integrator Series Zone Mix 761 Software Complete programming and control software for Zone Mix 761. Download Features A Full-featured Background Music and Paging Application Familiar Hardware-like Layout Turn-key Programming Overview Compatible Products Quick and Easy Set-up.  A turn-key Windows® application presents a familiar hardware-like layout for quick and easy programming and rapid deployment. Deep Functionality.  A flexible […]

Jupiter Software

Integrator Series Jupiter Software Jupiter Software programs and controls Jupiter hardware, offering turn-key audio processing for over 85-plus applications. Download Features Runs Over 85 Downloadable Apps Carefully Designed Signal Flow / DSP Modules Turn-key Programming for Rapid Deployment Overview Compatible Products A Faster Way to Get the Job Done.  Jupiter hardware is programmed using a Windows® […]


SymVue Create custom and easy-to-use SymVue Control Screens in minutes. Using Composer’s SymVue export feature, Control Screens can feature control objects, indicators, labels and custom branding. GUIs can be as simple or as complicated as you need, with multi-page navigation and multiple access levels. SymVue can even allow control of third-party devices and full system […]


ARC-WEB Virtual User Interface for End-User Control of Presets / Volume / Mute / Source Series Features Virtual User Interface for Symetrix DSPs User Control of Presets / Volume / Mute / Source Access Via Smartphones / Tablets / PCs Used With Radius / Edge / Prism / Solus NX / Jupiter / Zone Mix […]

Transient Suppressor DSP Module in Composer

A new feature that has been added to SymNet Composer 2.0 is the Transient Suppressor. A Transient Suppressor reduces the level of non-program audio, transients from a microphone input.

SymVue on iPad

Because the iPad is so prevalent and widespread, it is quite common for integrators to request using SymVue on an iPad. SymVue is a Windows application only, so it will not natively run on the iPad’s IOS.

AirTools Voice Processor 2x Software

AirTools Voice Processor 2x control software version 1.1 is now available for free download at Feature enhancements and upgrade instructions are outlined below.