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Tech Tips

DSPs and ARC-PS; adapting CAT5 for RS-485 Terminal Block

TECH TIPS Connecting ARCs to Jupiter hardware is simple using the (RJ-45) ARC port on either the front or back of the device. These ports not only provide communication (RS-485) data, but also +24 VDC power. If the required number

xControl: Flexible External Control Expansion

The SymNet xControl serves a similar purpose for Edge and Radius as the Control I/O did for legacy SymNet SymLink and Express Cobra hardware. Its primary purpose is to bring the overall cost of logic I/O heavy systems down.

VoIP Digit Map

The Digit Map (also called the Dial Plan) defines a collection of digit pattern templates that are used to match valid dial strings, for example 7-digit or 10-digit dialing, as the user enters digits.

USB Audio Card Symetrix Driver Windows 1×1 Mode Fix

Once you’ve installed the Symetrix driver (Symetrix USB Audio v4.14.0 Setup) on your Windows machine and configured the USB Audio Card to run in 8×8 mode, switching to 1×1 modes may result in interrupted audio.

Upgrading Firmware with Composer

The purpose of this document is to provide information and set by step instructions for the proper firmware upgrade process.

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