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xControl: Flexible External Control Expansion

The SymNet xControl serves a similar purpose for Edge and Radius as the Control I/O did for legacy SymNet SymLink and Express Cobra hardware. Its primary purpose is to bring the overall cost of logic I/O heavy systems down.

Tips & Tricks for Successful AEC

This Tech Tip outlines some tips and tricks to get great results fast from the Radius AEC and SymNet 4 Channel AEC Input Card. Keep in mind, room acoustics, mic and speaker placement, and gain structure are the cornerstones of

Room Combine Logic with Mix-Minus Matrixing of Room Mics

In a large convention center or conference room, microphones may be routed to different speaker zones in a mix-minus configuration in order to reinforce microphones from one zone to another zone while minimizing the potential of acoustic feedback.

How to schedule a configuration reset

During daily operation end users may have access to volumes, mutes, combine states, presets and routing, and as such it may be required to reset these user accessible parameters to a default state; daily, weekly, or monthly.

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