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DSPs and ARC-PS; adapting CAT5 for RS-485 Terminal Block

TECH TIPS Connecting ARCs to Jupiter hardware is simple using the (RJ-45) ARC port on either the front or back of the device. These ports not only provide communication (RS-485) data, but also +24 VDC power. If the required number

xControl: Flexible External Control Expansion

The SymNet xControl serves a similar purpose for Edge and Radius as the Control I/O did for legacy SymNet SymLink and Express Cobra hardware. Its primary purpose is to bring the overall cost of logic I/O heavy systems down.

USB Audio Card Symetrix Driver Windows 1×1 Mode Fix

Once you’ve installed the Symetrix driver (Symetrix USB Audio v4.14.0 Setup) on your Windows machine and configured the USB Audio Card to run in 8×8 mode, switching to 1×1 modes may result in interrupted audio.

Integrating Visionary Solutions Duet Encoders/Decoders

This tech tip will explain how to integrate the Visionary Solutions Duet Encoders/ Decoders into your Symetrix installation. The Visionary Solutions devices allow for moving 4K video over IP, bypassing the need for more traditional video matrix switching or video

Symetrix GPIO Overview

Setting up analog volume knobs and switches. LED clipping indicators for visual feedback. Triggering a power sequencer at 6AM every day.

Recommendations for using Yamaha Dante Consoles with Composer

Among the hundreds of manufacturers that have adopted Dante as their networked audio bus of choice, Yamaha and SymNet stand out as early adopters and trendsetters for developing and standardizing products based around the Dante protocol.

Radius AEC: Cutting Edge, Low Cost AEC with Options

Radius AEC is a 12×8 open architecture DSP product for the SymNet Composer platform having 8 mic/line inputs with AEC, 4 line inputs, and 8 line outputs. It also has an option card slot that accepts any of the SymNet

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