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Jupiter Software v2.0: Setting-up ARC-WEB

The Symetrix ARC-WEB is a web app remote control for the Jupiter family of audio processors. Now you can use your iPad, iPhone or Android device to control volume, mutes, or presets in your Jupiter 4, 8, or 12. This

Expanding Jupiter Control Using Custom Modular ARC Programming

By using SymNet Designer, the entire line of Symetrix Modular ARC panels can be made to control any parameter within your Jupiter device beyond those already available in the External Controller Wizard. You can also utilize expansion ARCs such

Modular ARC Installation

TECH TIPS Modular ARC Installation Overview The Modular ARCs are a series of two base remotes and one expansion device. The Modular ARCs, as their name implies, are expandable within a familiar Decora® form factor. Note that Cooper brand Decora®

ARC-2e and ARC-WEB Mono Source Select in Jupiter

TECH TIPS When programming Source Select for ARC controls for the Priority Zone Mixer #1 and BGM Zone Mixer #1 apps within Symetrix Jupiter software, it is important to note that the even numbered Priority Mixer’s source selection is reversed


TECH TIPS The Symetrix ARC-PSe provides serial control and power distribution over standard CAT5/6 cable for systems with more than 4 ARCs, or, when any number of ARCs are located long distances from an Integrator Series, Jupiter or SymNet DSP

ARC-3 Dynamic Menus

TECH TIPS The ACR-3 wall panel delivers powerful capabilities with Dynamic Menus. Dynamic Menus allow you to enable an entire ARC or individual menus in an ARC using Controller Numbers. For example, in a room combining application, you may choose

Adaptive Remote Control: ARC-2e Wiring

TECH TIPS Adaptive Remote Control: ARC-2e Wiring The ARC-2e is a menu-driven adaptive remote control for Symetrix DSPs. Featuring a more simplified design for enhanced reliability and robustness, the ARC-2e succeeds the ARC, ARC-2, and ARC-2i. This tech tip will

Adaptive Remote Control: ARC-2e Benefits and Features

TECH TIPS Adaptive Remote Control: ARC-2e Benefits and Features The adaptive remote control ARC-2e is a menu-driven remote control for Symetrix DSPs. Tap into the full power of your system with twenty-four menus with up to sixteen items each that

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