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Tech Tips

DSPs and ARC-PS; adapting CAT5 for RS-485 Terminal Block

TECH TIPS Connecting ARCs to Jupiter hardware is simple using the (RJ-45) ARC port on either the front or back of the device. These ports not only provide communication (RS-485) data, but also +24 VDC power. If the required number

Jupiter: Simple yet sophisticated

Jupiter packages powerful DSP into a zero learning curve, turn-key audio processing solution drawing its inspiration from the ‘apps’ paradigm of smartphones like the IPhone. Standing on the shoulders of Symetrix’ world-class SymNet DSP platform, Jupiter upholds our commitment to

Jupiter Software v2.0: Setting-up ARC-WEB

The Symetrix ARC-WEB is a web app remote control for the Jupiter family of audio processors. Now you can use your iPad, iPhone or Android device to control volume, mutes, or presets in your Jupiter 4, 8, or 12. This

Jupiter Application Selection Guide

Jupiter hardware runs predesigned apps. Different audio jobs are done
by Jupiter by selecting and then downloading a pre-created configuration to Jupiter hardware.

Expanding Jupiter Control Using Custom Modular ARC Programming

By using SymNet Designer, the entire line of Symetrix Modular ARC panels can be made to control any parameter within your Jupiter device beyond those already available in the External Controller Wizard. You can also utilize expansion ARCs such

Custom Presets in Jupiter

Inspired by the ‘apps’ paradigm of smart phones, Jupiter is a turn-key audio DSP solution utilizing pre-designed apps – each optimized for a specific venue or application. A powerful component of Jupiter is the ability to create Custom
Presets. This

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