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VoIP Digit Map

The Digit Map (also called the Dial Plan) defines a collection of digit pattern templates that are used to match valid dial strings, for example 7-digit or 10-digit dialing, as the user enters digits.

Understanding Class C Subnet Masking

In the day to day support operations, a Symetrix tech support agent will most often come across customers that have their PC and Symetrix DSP on a Class C Subnet Mask of However, this document covers what Class C

Symetrix VoIP Interface – Network Diagnostics

For VoIP problems that may be experienced when deploying a Symetrix VoIP Interface Card, a useful tool for troubleshooting problems is a network protocol analyzer. Problems are likely taking place on the network or SIP PBX outside of the VoIP

Setup Dante in 5 Minutes Time or Less in Composer

SymNet Composer is intuitive, open architecture, drag-n-drop DSP software for any and all commercial or live sound applications using Symetrix SymNet Dante enabled DSP hardware. Additionally, Audinate’s Dante has arrived in full force and is quickly becoming the industry standard,

Recommendations for using Yamaha Dante Consoles with Composer

Among the hundreds of manufacturers that have adopted Dante as their networked audio bus of choice, Yamaha and SymNet stand out as early adopters and trendsetters for developing and standardizing products based around the Dante protocol.

Recommendations for Large Dante Networks

Setting up a large Dante network can be time consuming and confusing,
especially when networking issues occur and troubleshooting the network becomes necessary.

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