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Upgrading Firmware with Composer

The purpose of this document is to provide information and set by step instructions for the proper firmware upgrade process.

Transient Suppressor DSP Module in Composer

A new feature that has been added to SymNet Composer 2.0 is the Transient Suppressor. A Transient Suppressor reduces the level of non-program audio, transients from a microphone input.

SymVue Template for AirTools Voice Processor 2x

The AirTools Voice Processor 2x offers a comprehensive set of voice enhancement tools for any situation. The 2x Windows® software application enables complete control of all parameters. Once a desired sound is dialed in, all settings are saved as named

SymVue on iPad

Because the iPad is so prevalent and widespread, it is quite common for integrators to request using SymVue on an iPad. SymVue is a Windows application only, so it will not natively run on the iPad’s IOS.

String Output Modules in Composer

The purpose of this document is to provide an understanding of operation and configuration of the two different String Output modules available within SymNet Composer. The two different types or modules are the String Output and Network String Output.

SPL Computer in Composer

A SPL (Sound Pressure Level) Computer adjusts the level of program material based upon a measurement of the ambient noise. It is typically applied where background, or foreground music must be slightly louder than a variable level
crowd noise. SymNet

Sound Masking with SymNet Composer

Sound masking is the addition of natural or artificial sound (such as pink noise) into an environment to cover up unwanted sound by using auditory masking. Sound masking reduces or eliminates awareness of pre-existing sounds in a given area and

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