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Tech Tips

How to Control the Shure MXA310 in Composer

his Tech Tip describes the steps necessary to locate and use the Dante audio, program the touch-sensitive mute buttons, and control the LED’s on the Shure MXA310 from Composer.

Disable xIO in Composer to Minimize Push Time

A SymNet system’s I/O can be comprised of a combination of hardware, from DSPs such as Edge, Radius12x8, or Radius AEC, to the I/O expanders such as the xIn12, xOut12, and xControl.

Crestron Symetrix Dialer Example in Composer

This tech-tip describes how to control a Symetrix Radius AEC and telephony interface using a Crestron Pro2-style controller. A complete Symetrix Radius configuration file, the Crestron Simpl application file and custom module for dialing the telephony interface, and the Crestron

Composer v5.2 Shortcuts

Composer software manages all aspects of Edge, Radius, Prism, and Solus NX hardware including audio, control, and security with an intuitive drag and drop CAD-style interface. Composer’s fast, fluid navigation accelerates Site File design with over 600 proven DSP modules.

Composer Push, Pull, and Sync

The purpose of this document is to provide updated information on the Push, Pull, and Dante Device Sync features for Composer 6.0 and later.

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