Give a Family a Night of Safety and Care.

Symetrix is teaming up with Vision House to help break the cycle of homelessness for families with children. Please share this page and donate today to give a family a night of safety and care!

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Vision House serves over 300 families a year, supporting single mothers, single fathers, and two-parent families. Our program is infused with the commitment and passion to see lives changed and the cycle of homelessness broken for the next generation.
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$10,000 goal


Symetrix is family first. From the beginning, we have combined a passion for audio excellence with a heart for people. Inside our offices, this culture is lived out every day as we strive to deliver the highest possible quality and craftsmanship in an atmosphere of team-like family. We call this #SymFamily. These family boundaries don’t end at the walls of HQ. We see everyone we work with as partners deeply committed to each other’s success. Whether an end user, distributor, integrator, rep, consultant, or supplier: we are all #SymFamily.

Our Vision is to Deliver Great Products. Develop People. Be a Force for Good in the World.

Thanks to Our Corporate Partners for Donating!

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