Crestron Symetrix Dialer Example in Composer

Josh Carter

Josh Carter

Symetrix Technical Support Engineer

Document: 2014-02
First published: February 2014

Symetrix Joins National Systems Contractors Association

The new partnership will further enable Symetrix to help systems integrators across North America to grow their businesses. The NSCA is the voice of the systems integration industry regarding legislative matters and a robust member resource for business tools. As a manufacturer member, Symetrix will have a direct line of communication to the NSCA’s strong community of systems integrators and contractors.

xControl: Flexible External Control Expansion

The SymNet xControl serves a similar purpose for Edge and Radius as the Control I/O did for legacy SymNet SymLink and Express Cobra hardware. Its primary purpose is to bring the overall cost of logic I/O heavy systems down.

VoIP Digit Map

The Digit Map (also called the Dial Plan) defines a collection of digit pattern templates that are used to match valid dial strings, for example 7-digit or 10-digit dialing, as the user enters digits.

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