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EZPro Case Studies Highlights 2023

Permanent Site of the World Laureates Association (WLA) Forum, Shanghai

The total construction area of the venue opened at this time is about 65,000 square meters. EZPro focused primarily on designing 17 halls, including the main conference hall, banquet hall, multi-function hall, roundtable summit hall, and the meeting hall. The various conference areas are integrated into a whole by a 200-meter-long shared corridor and the 2,800-square-meter shared hall.

Symetrix Product List:

x21   Prism 8×8 Dante 
x1     Prism 16×16 Dante
x8     Jupiter 12
x4     Jupiter 8
x37   ARC-2e
x8     RC-3

Academic Lecture Hall of Southern University of Science and Technology

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is an innovation-oriented public university founded by Shenzhen government in the background of China’s higher education reform. It aspires to be a pioneer for promoting higher education reform. The school is committed to serving the mission of promoting Shenzhen as a modern, international, and innovative city, and China as a creative country. The Lecture Hall has a total of 209 seats.

Symetrix Product List:

x19   Radius NX 12×8 Dante + USB-B

Alps Snow World

Alps Snow World has a total investment of RMB 2 billion, covers an area of about 54,000 square meters, and has a total construction area of 91,000 square meters. It is a large-scale indoor ski resort in East China with five ski slopes, the longest one being 280 meters. The signals of the background music and broadcast system of this project are transmitted through Dante.

Symetrix Product List:

x8   Radius NX 4×4 Dante + USB-B

Qingdao SCO International Expo Center

Qingdao SCO International Expo Center is a landmark project of the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area Administrative Committee, integrating “exhibition, business, tourism, and culture”, and demonstrates the determination to build a new SCO-platform for opening up at a higher level.

Symetrix Product List:

x5   Prism 8×8 Dante
x3   W2 Remote

Immersive Performance Show "One Lifetime of Mochou"

This project is a night tour in Mochou Village. There are six performing points on the night tour route, a total of 17 different performing scenes and 110 channels of audio signals. Different audio channels need to be switched for different scenes. The system is equipped with 4 x Radius NX 4×4 Dante + USB-B as the core of the central control room, concentrating all audio channels and all output channels, and switching these channels according to the needs of the performing scenes to achieve audio routing.

Symetrix Product List:

x4      Radius NX 4×4 Dante + USB-B
x27    xIO 4×4 Dante Expander