How to disable Skype’s Echo cancellation and AGC for use with Dante and Symetrix AEC

To disable Skype’s auto gain control (AGC) for Windows versions, go to Tools > Options then select Audio settings. Then uncheck the box for Automatic Microphone Control.
Disabling Skype’s echo cancellation mode is not as simple. Find Skype’s system file on the computer and insert a piece of HTML code.

These are the steps to find Skype’s system file on the computer:
1. Make sure that Skype is not running.
2. Click Start. (On Windows XP: Click Start, then click Run.)
3. Type “%appdata%\skype” and hit Enter key.
4. Locate “shared.xml” file Open this file in an HTML editor that can read the xml format, we recommend

Komodo Edit (for Windows) as a free, open source solution. Once the file has been opened in the HTML editor, scroll towards the bottom and insert the following code < EC>0< /EC> This will disable Skype’s Echo Cancellation controls. If the version of Skype that is being used doesn’t have the checkbox to disable the AGC also insert the following code to disable that: < AGC>0< /AGC>
Here is what the code should look like before any changes:
Here’s what the code should look like when both of these lines are inserted
After both lines have been inserted click save. This will have the changes made to the xml file. Skype’s Echo cancellation and AGC have now been disabled.
Josh Carter

Josh Carter

Symetrix Technical Support Engineer

Document: 2014-08
First published: August 2014

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