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Symetrix Launches Performance IO, More Control, and Monitoring at Infocomm 2023

Seattle, WA, June 14, 2023—    Symetrix, Inc. announced the launch of important new products and services for professional AV integrators and consultants. The xIO XLR-Series of network-enabled endpoints, a seven-inch touchscreen controller, and a cloud-based system monitoring platform are each being demonstrated at the company’s exhibit booth during Infocomm 2023 in Orlando.

The xIO XLR-Series sets a new standard for performance IO with pristine audio, industrial-strength materials, exceptional design, AV control options, and a complete line of models that reliably deliver sophisticated results.

“We started with a blank sheet of paper for this one and then accepted no compromises,” said Mark Graham, Symetrix CEO and Owner. “The result is a remarkable mic/line endpoint that enables high-performance systems to shine from end-to-end.”

Building on the success of its five-inch and ten-inch touchscreens, Symetrix has expanded the T-Series of controllers to include a seven-inch model.

“This is the sweet spot for screen controllers and the T-7 Glass brings best-in-class resolution and brightness to any project,” said Ty Hawley, Symetrix Director of Sales and Marketing. “The ability to create custom interfaces without licensing costs really sets these products apart.”

The Symetrix AV-Ops Center is a highly integrated and customizable remote monitoring and management interface for any system utilizing a Composer Series DSP. The map-based platform delivers device-level insight into Symetrix and networked third-party components. AV Ops Center can generate automated notifications via email, SMS/TXT, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.

“With the AV Ops Center, an integrator can monitor client systems in real time,” said Benjamin Olswang, Symetrix Director of Products. “Simple matters like power cycling can be completed without going onsite. But if you do need to physically address an issue, you’ll arrive with the best information and the right equipment to resolve it quickly.”

To learn more, visit Symetrix in Orlando at Infocomm 2023, booth #1101, or access


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