Jupiter: Simple yet sophisticated

Jupiter packages powerful DSP into a zero learning curve, turn-key audio processing solution drawing its inspiration from the ‘apps’ paradigm of smartphones like the IPhone. Standing on the shoulders of Symetrix’ world-class SymNet DSP platform, Jupiter upholds our commitment to pristine sound.

While the aim of Jupiter is to simplify programming and reduce installation time utilizing a library of pre-designed apps, don’t think for a moment that Jupiter isn’t also capable of delivering a powerful array of sophisticated processing, routing and control features normally found in systems of twice the cost.

This tech tip will focus on 5 power-features within Jupiter that at first glance may have been overlooked.

The Jupiter hardware supports a wide variety of control options. The Symetrix RS-485 ARC wall panels are easily incorporated into your design, and the wizard-driven set-up couldn’t be easier. 3rd party controllers such a touch screens can control any parameter in any unit on your network over UDP. Not enough for you? Jupiter also supports analog control inputs and outputs potentiometers, switches, and relays.


Jupiter offers remote set-up, control and system monitoring over IP. Administer the system from the convenience of your local or wide-area (Internet) network. Reference the Help menu within the Jupiter software for network configuration information, or the Knowledge Base article at our website entitled ‘How do I control Jupiter and Integrator Series products over the Internet’?

Custom Presets
One of the most exciting features in Jupiter is the ability to build up to 50 completely custom presets for instant configuration recall. Capture any parameter or combination of parameters in a custom preset using a new browser built into the Jupiter software. You can search and selectively choose from any control in the entire system and ensure the preset only affects the parts of the configuration desired.

FIR Filters
FIR (Finite Impulse Response) Filters are inherently stable filters most often used for loudspeaker correction because they may be custom designed and even made to be linear phase. Jupiter’s FIR Filter module accommodates up to 1024 taps. Once one or more sets of coefficients have been loaded into the Manage FIR Filters dialog, you may select the coefficients you wish to use using the 1-n radio buttons in each FIR Filter

SymVue is a real-time user control panel application that displays control screens exported from SymNet Designer functioning as a multi-user, multi- point control environment for SymNet systems. SymVue can be made to control a Jupiter device too. For additional information on this topic contact Also see the related article in our Knowledge Base entitled ‘Tech Tip: Using SymVue With the Integrator Series’.

Josh Carter

Josh Carter

Symetrix Technical Support Engineer

Document: 2010-10
First published: September 2010

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