Jupiter Software v2.0: Setting-up ARC-WEB

The Symetrix ARC-WEB is a web app remote control for the Jupiter family of audio processors. Now you can use your iPad, iPhone or Android device to control volume, mutes, or presets in your Jupiter 4, 8, or 12. This tech tip will walk you through the steps of setting up and using the Symetrix ARC-WEB. 1) Make sure you have the latest version of the Jupiter software available at installed on your Windows compatible computer. (ARC-WEB is included in software versions 2.0 and later.) 2) After selecting and configuring the appropriate Jupiter app for your install, launch the External Controller Wizard found in the Tools menu.
3) Choose Edit Existing External Controller and select one of the four available ARC-WEBs to program. 4) Proceed through the Wizard and follow the instructions to enable, name, and add menus for controls such as volume, mutes and presets. Note, if you are familiar with ARC-2 programming, it is almost identical to programming the ARC-WEB.
5) After you are finished adding up to 24 menus of controls, proceed through the Wizard to configure security if desired. Each ARC-WEB may have a unique username and password. 6) Finally, if the Jupiter software is currently online with the device, the final page of the Wizard will show a button to immediately launch the ARC-WEB in your computer’s Internet browser. (Note, you can repeat steps 2-5 up to four times as four ARC-WEBs are supported per DSP.). To launch ARC-WEB on your iPad, iPhone or Android device simply enter Jupiter’s IP address into the mobile device’s web browser. You can obtain Jupiter’s IP address from the Connection Wizard under the Tools menu, or from the Toolbar if currently online. Make sure Jupiter and your mobile device are both connected to a
common Wi-Fi enabled network. Generally, the mobile device will connect to a wireless access point over Wi-Fi and Jupiter will connect to via Ethernet to that wireless access point, or a common switch or router. Internet (WAN) communication is also possible if public access to the Jupiter is enabled by your router or firewall. For information on this, search ‘port forwarding’ in our knowledge base at www. or contact your IT department. 7) Next, we will add an icon to your device’s home screen. This example uses an iPhone. Tap the action button in the bottom middle of the phone’s screen. 8) Then tap ‘Add To Home Screen’. 9) Now give your ARC-WEB a custom name if you wish, then tap the Add button.
10) Locate and tap the ARC-WEB icon on your home screen and the ARC-WEB app will launch. 11) Then, select one of the four ARC-WEBs.. 12) Now, start controlling! Simply select a menu from the drop-down and then use the UP and DOWN buttons to change volume, fire a preset, or turn a mute ‘on’ or ‘off’.

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Josh Carter

Josh Carter

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Document: 2011-04
First published: April 2011

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