Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

Integrator Series

Jupiter Software

Jupiter Software programs and controls Jupiter hardware, offering turn-key audio processing for over 85-plus applications.


  • Runs Over 85 Downloadable Apps
  • Carefully Designed Signal Flow / DSP Modules
  • Turn-key Programming for Rapid Deployment

A Faster Way to Get the Job Done.  Jupiter hardware is programmed using a Windows® application which supports a library of over 70 versatile turn-key apps. Each app’s signal flow and DSP modules have been carefully chosen to be the most appropriate for their intended use. With Jupiter apps, there’s minimal programming time. All apps are fully tested and ready to go right out of the box serving four common audio system requirements:

Mixing and Routing.  Mixing and Routing are essential functions. From straight mono or stereo mixing for lecture halls and banquet rooms to advanced gating or gain-sharing automixing for courtrooms and town hall meeting rooms, Jupiters’ elegant interface makes complex signal management effortless.

Public Address and Distribution.  In bustling transit stations, busy retail outlets and noisy restaurants, paging announcements and distributed background music must be intelligible and always at the right volume. Jupiters’ priority mixer and ambient noise compensation modules ensure the message is always heard.

Sound Reinforcement.  Loudspeaker management is the crucial last step in the signal processing chain. A properly tuned system directs the exclusive frequency ranges required by each driver type to the proper drivers, and accounts for driver time alignment, driver/cabinet design anomalies, and room acoustics. Jupiter speaker management apps are built from an extensive pallet of filters, EQ, crossovers, delay, and dynamics modules, pre-configured into common signal chains and ready for deployment in endless venues including houses of worship, night clubs, and theaters.

Special Purpose Signal Processing.  Recording studios, broadcast facilities and production environments rely on extreme processing. Jupiter has a surplus of power for demanding processes such as EQ, feedback fighters, FIR filters, multi-dynamics, and crossovers. Problem solving processes include surgical EQ and multi-mode dynamics to tame your most unruly mic or line signals.