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Changing the PIN on xIO Bluetooth Endpoints

The xIO Bluetooth is an excellent addition to any AV system that allows guests to play their own music or other media. One very useful aspect of the xIO Bluetooth series is the ability to set a custom security PIN.

To set a custom PIN:

  1. Locate the xIO Bluetooth in the Composer Site File.
  2. Open up the design view and find the Intelligent Module related to the Bluetooth device in question. If the Site File doesn’t currently have the Intelligent Module, you can find it in the Toolkit under Intelligent Modules > Dante device modules > xIO Bluetooth.
  3. Open up the Intelligent Module and find the security PIN field. The default setting is four zeros, but can be any number within the range noted to the left. Composer can connect offline to the xIO Bluetooth and the PIN can be updated on the device, even though the status still says unconnected.
  4. Set your desired PIN and hit enter.
  5. The PIN has now been updated on the xIO Bluetooth.

If the xIO Bluetooth is included in a site design with a Symetrix DSP, it is good practice to still push the design to the system after setting a new PIN. This will update the archive on the DSP and make sure it has a copy of the current PINs saved in case the design needs to be pulled in the future.

In Composer 8.5 we introduced the xIO Updater Configurator. This is essentially an Intelligent Module that acts as a DSP unit with Dante. If you are using an xIO Bluetooth as a simple Dante endpoint with third-party equipment, you must use Composer 8.5 (or later) to set the PIN if there is not a Symetrix DSP on site. Composer 8.4 or earlier will require a Symetrix DSP to locate and configure the xIO Bluetooth and any other Symetrix xIO Dante expanders.

Drag in the xIO updater configurator and the xIO Bluetooth and locate both units. The Updater/ Configurator should locate automatically as it is built into Composer.

Once both units are located, open the design view of the xIO Configurator. The rest of the process is the same for setting the security pin. Remember, an xIO Updater/Configurator and DSP cannot be in the same site file together.