Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

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Core Concepts for Open Architecture AV Design


The videos on this page are part of the Symetrix training program of the same name. If you have already completed your Composer certification, you can utilize these videos to catch up on the latest products and techniques. If you have not yet earned your certificate, please access this content through our online training center.

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Chapter 8 – Programming ARC-2e, SW4e, K1e, EX4e, and RC-3

  • Apply control numbers in Composer to link parameters to controllers
  • Create and edit menus and menu items for appropriate controllers
  • Set and change addresses for ARC controllers
  • Use ARC-2e to control basic audio functions and complex logic-based event
  • Program the ARC-SW4e switches as momentary, latched, or radio buttons
  • Configure a simple control of one or two parameters using ARC-K1e
  • Use simple analog controls and external control inputs to provide volume control, source selection, preset selection, or contact closure, with minimal programming

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