Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

Knowledge Base

Core Concepts Videos: Chapter 1

The videos on this page are part of the Symetrix training program of the same name. If you have already completed your Composer certification, you can utilize these videos to catch up on the latest products and techniques. If you have not yet earned your certificate, please access this content through our online training center.

The learning objectives for this chapter are:

  • Review three digital signal processors (DSPs) that make up the Composer Series and compare their features.
  • Explore options for expanding inputs, outputs, and control when using Prism, Radius NX, and Edge DSPs.
  • Discover the range of optional modules available for each DSP including Dante, acoustic noise cancellation, and USB cards.
  • Describe how the xIO XLR-Series sets a new standard for endpoint performance and durability.
  • Differentiate between ARC-Series, W-Series, and T-Series remote controls for Composer-based systems.