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Customize End-User Controls for BYOD with ARC-WEB

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Learning Objectives

  • To describe ARC-WEB and explain its function.
  • Enable ARC-WEB access for smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Understand how to use ARC-WEB securely.
  • Assign system parameters to ARC-WEB. 
  • Use ARC-WEB in a web browser to manage a system


ARC-WEB is a virtual user interface for Symetrix DSPs providing user control of presets, volume, mute, and source selection. ARC-WEB is accessed using smartphones, tablets, or computers.​

​To access ARC-WEB on a wireless network, connect the Ethernet port of a Symetrix DSP to a wireless router.​ ARC-WEB is included with Composer at no additional cost. Installation is simple, and other than connecting a low-cost wireless access point to the Symetrix DSP(s), no additional hardware is required. Existing wireless networks may be used as well​. Any popular browser can be used to control volume, mute, source selection and other important parameters of a sound system from smartphones, tablets, or computers.​ ARC-WEB is flexible and secure.

There are four unique instances of ARC-WEB. Each of the four instances can be assigned unique privileges. Each ARC-WEB instance is programmable with up to 24 menus and each menu may contain up to 16 items. ​