Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

Frequently Asked Questions

AV-Ops Center

  • How much does AV-Ops Center Cost?

    At this time, AV-Ops Center offers a single “standard” subscription teir and is completely free. In the future we will introduce an Advanced tier. This new software license can be added to a DSP giving it additional functionality often needed for larger more advanced systems. The pricing of the Advanced teir is still to be determined. The Standardteir, will remain free and will continue to provide all existing functionality without a license fee.

    The table below outlines our planned feature breakdown between the Standard and Advanced teirs:

    Standard Monitoring

    • Device “Configuration” View
    • Remote Status Monitoring
    • Fixed Telemetry Monitoring
    • Unlimited Devices
    • Location Monitoring
    • Integrated Support
    • Remote Preset Recall
    • Custom Telemetry with the “Data Send” Module for 10 control signals
    • Remote Custom Commands with the “Command Receive” Module for 10 control signals

    Advanced Monitoring

    • Everything in Standard
    • Custom Telemetry with the “Data Send” Module for 50 control signals
    • Remote Custom Commands with the “Command Receive” Module for 50 control signals 
    • Remote backup of Site file from DSP
    • Remote control screen access
    • And more…
  • How does AV-Ops Center handle security and what is its privacy-policy?

    AV-Ops Center has a well veted security platform and is commited to customers data. Information about security can be found at and the privacy-policy can be found here

  • Do I need a Symetrix DSP to use AV-Ops Center?

    Yes you do. 

  • Is AV-Ops Center available outside the US?

    Yes, AV-Ops Center can be accessed anywhere that there is an open internt connection. 

  • Can I give or restrict access to end users?

    Yes, different users and user groups can be configured to allow or restrict access to AV-Ops Center and the devices assosiated with a site.

  • What do I do if my device is claimed by a site that I do not have access to?

    If there is a need to unenroll a device from a site that you do not have access to, you will need to contact support to verify ownership. They will then be able to assist in getting your device unenrolled. 

  • Can I perform a firmware update remotely with AV-Ops Center?

    At this moment we do not offer firmware updates via AV-Ops Center. It is recommneded to perform firmware updates locally with Composer via a wired network connection.

  • Can I see system health over time?

    Yes, a variety of telemetry data can be tracked over the span of 30 days.  

  • Can I use AV-Ops Center with older sites?

    AV-Ops Center requiers Composer firmware 8.5 or later. 

  • Who has access to my site data?

    AV-Ops Center uses service providers that guarantee a high level of data protection and security and signs data processing agreements with all providers that process data on our behalf. A list of all subprocessors authorized to process data for AV-Ops Center is available at For more priovacy and security information, visit

  • How can I be alerted of any incidences?

    Email alerts can be configured to act as an alert when an incident occurs. Webhooks can also be used to send messages directly to a messaging app like Slack, Teams, or Cisco Webex. 

  • What control options do I have?

    A variety of control methods are available. This includes triggering presets and changing control values for the command receive module found in Composer.  

  • What parameters can I monitor?

    By default, you can monitor thermals, mute status, power supply health, and recently recalled presets. In addition the Advanced license allows a DSP to send data to AV-Ops Center via the data send module found in Composer. 

  • Can I monitor 3rd party Dante/AES 67 devices?

    Yes, these devices will be monitored as child devices to the parent DSP devices.

  • Can I monitor non Dante/AES 67 devices like lighting controllers or video devices?

    Although you can not monitor non-Dante/AES 67 devices directly with AV-Ops Center, AV-Ops Center DSPs with the Advanced license can use standard network control protocols like TCP and UDP to send data to the data send module found in Composer. 

  • How many Dante devices can I monitor?

    There is no limit on the number of devices you can monitor via AV-Ops Center. If a device can be added to a site, it can be monitored in AV-Ops Center.

  • Can I monitor W, T, or ARC series controllers?

    Any IP based Composer based device can be monitored by AV-Ops Center. This includes W and T series but does not provide direct monitoring for ARC series controllers. 

  • Do I need separate software installed on site or remotely to use AV-Ops Center?

    No, all configuration and monitoring is done through Composer and the AV-Ops Center website.

  • What network ports does AV-Ops Center use?

    Organizations hosting AV-Ops Center enabled devices and users interested to connect to the AV-Ops Center management portals, must enable outgoing SSL connections to port 433 to all * domains.  

  • Does each device need to be connected to the internet to use AV Ops Center?

    Parents (DSPs, T-Series, W-Series, Control Server) need direct internet connection.

    Children (xIO, 3rd Party Dante Devices) do not; they communicate their status through the locating parent.

    Alternately, a proxy server can be used. For more information, see this help article. 

  • What is Xyte?

    Xyte is a first-of-its-kind Connected Device Platform (CDP) – an integrated solution that allows hardware manufacturers to manage, service, and commercialize their connected devices, all in one place. They are our partners for AV-Ops Center, which is hosted with their technology. For more infomration, see .