Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

Frequently Asked Questions

Control Server

  • Can I purchase more Control Server licenses?

    Yes. Contact the Symetrix Sales Department for details on purchasing more Control Server licenses; or (425) 778-7728.

  • What is the difference between a Configuration, License, and Application in Control Server?

    A configuration is any number of single control screens grouped/exported together that act as one “set” of pages or screens. You can have any number of available configurations (sets of control screens) loaded into the Control Server. The number of licenses available determines how many of those configurations are allowed to be available to users. You can have any number of users with varying access to any number of the available licensed configurations. Every Control Server comes with 5 licenses, but more can be purchased if necessary.

    These control screens are used through the SymVue Application, which is the same medium we use for our export to touchscreen or Windows PC. The Event Scheduler and Mixer apps you may see in Control Server or on export are not related to these control screen configurations.

  • Why is my Control Server control screen showing a timeout error “Not yet received subscription response”?

    This usually means the control subscriptions between the Contrrol Server and the site file/DSP programming have failed or haven’t been updated. This error can also be due to IP conflicts on the network, or a loss of network communication between the DSP and the controlling Control Server. In most cases re-exporting the control screen configuration with “Go online with Composer site file” checked will also update the DSP archive and correct this issue.

  • How do I upgrade the Control Server firmware?

    The Control Server must be upgraded through its web GUI. Locate the Control Server in Composer, open its web GUI, and log in as an Admin. Then go to Menu > Management > Update. Click Browse and navigate to your system directory; C:Program Files (x86)Symetrix[Composer version]Upgrade > “ControlServer…”. We recommend a known version upgrade path of 5.x > 7.x > 8.2 > 8.5/current. Please be aware that certain step upgrades do not allow retrograde below that level.


    • Ensure there is a backup of the site file/programming before performing a firmware upgrade.
    • Disable Windows Firewall and any other firewalls/anti-virus/anti-malware.
    • Do not upgrade firmware over Wi-Fi.