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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I tell if my DSP is Dante-equipped?

    All of our Dante-enabled DSPs (Prism, Radius, Edge) will come with at least one Dante port on the back, but this doesn’t automatically mean the DSP is equipped with a Dante card. There are a couple of ways to determine if your DSP is Dante equipped.

    • After plugging in the unit, and it boots up, the screen may display “Eth Dante ARC” with a circle next to each that may be blinking, showing network activity.
    • Cycling through the front screen menus should eventually show Dante information, including name, IP, MAC address, etc (may be in System Pages).

    Opening up the device’s hood can physically determine if the unit has a Dante card present. We strongly recommend taking care in opening the device’s hood as any electrostatic discharge or other factors being introduced by this action can negatively affect the internal components, which may void warranty. Please feel free to contact Tech Support if needed; or +1 (425) 778-7728 Ext. 5

  • How do I obtain a return authorization to send in a unit for repair?

    Retrieve the units serial number then contact Symetrix Support at or call +1 425 778 7728.

  • Are AutoCAD / DWG files available for Symetrix products?

    Yes. Download AutoCAD / DWG files in the Symetrix Library . Use the search function to find the AutoCAD files for the specific product you are interested in.

  • Where can I obtain a schematic for my Symetrix product?

    Many schematics are available in the Symetrix Library . Use the search function to find the schematic for the specific product you are interested in.

  • How do I know if my Symetrix product is still factory supported?

    Should be “Symetrix attempts to support products up to 7 years from the manufactured date. This is based on replacement component availability, and is not guaranteed. For support status on your product, contact Support with your serial number. You can e-mail or call +1 425 778 7728 x5.”

  • Can I purchase parts factory direct if I’m not an authorized Symetrix dealer?

    Some parts can be purchased factory direct using a credit card. For more information have your unit’s serial number handy and contact Symetrix at or call +1 425 778 7728.

  • What address do I use when returning products for service?

    Print the RA number(s) clearly on the outside of the box and send to:

    Symetrix, Inc.

    6408 216th ST SW

    Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

  • Who is my Symetrix sales representative?

    Click on the U.S. Sales Reps or International Sales Reps and Distributors link under About > Contact Us

  • Where is the serial number for my Symetrix product located?

    Serial numbers are generally on a sticker on the bottom or back of the unit and usually begin with the numbers “80”.

  • For service and support should I contact my dealer or Symetrix directly?

    Generally it’s best to contact the authorized Symetrix dealer first for service and support. If this is not an option then contact Symetrix Support directly at or call +1 425 778 7728.

  • What is the warranty on Symetrix products?

    Please see the Symetrix Warranty Policy 

  • How long does it take to have a product factory serviced?

    Once devices are received, the repair process can take a minimum of 1-2 weeks depending on the current turnaround times. Please contact Support for more information at or call +1 425 778 7728. 

  • Are Symetrix Products Microsoft Teams Certified?

    Symetrix is a Microsoft Partner*. Symetrix products are Microsoft Teams compatible**.

    * Microsoft Partner website 

    ** Microsoft Teams Compatible: Provides the same functionality as certified products.