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Frequently Asked Questions


T-Series Touchscreen Controllers #

  • Why is my touchcreen showing some controls with a red exclamation point and/or a timeout error “Not yet received subscription response”?

    This usually means the control subscriptions between the touchscreen and the site file/DSP programming have failed or haven’t been updated. This error can also be due to IP conflicts on the network, or a loss of network communication between the DSP and the controlling touchscreen. In most cases re-exporting the control screen configuration with “Go online with Composer site file” checked will also update the DSP archive and correct this issue.

  • How do I calibrate my touchscreen?
    • Composer or later must be installed and any touchscreens in the design must be loaded with firmware version or later.
    • In Composer, with the touchscreen(s) in question located, go to Tools > Remote Terminal and then Options > Debug Mode.
    • Confirm that the IP address of the touchscreen in question matches in the upper left of Remote Terminal.
    • Send “tcal” (no quotes) to the touchscreen. Remote Terminal should return “Touchscreen calibration will run on next boot, succeeded”.
    • Send “R!” to reboot the touchscreen and the calibration process will begin once the device has rebooted. Follow the prompt on the T-5 to complete this process.
  • Why is my touch screen only displaying an IP address?

    This means the touchscreen doesn't have a Control Screen exported to it. Usually this will be the case after a factory reset or direct from factory.

  • What stand is supported for my T-Series Touchscreen Controller?

    The T-7 Glass and T-10 Glass series of touchscreen controllers uses the same stand. The T-5 Glass touchscreen controller has a dedicated stand

  • How do I configure a T-Series Touchscreen Controller?

    All the configuration can be accomplished using the Symetrix Composer software. 

  • What wall mounting form factors are supported by the T-Series?

    The T-Series can mount into a standard double-gang US or Euro wall box.  

  • How do I power the T-Series Touchscreen Controller?

    The T-5 Glass requires PoE. 

    The T-7 Glass and T-10 Glass require PoE+

  • What is the brightness of the T-7 Glass?

    500 nits

  • What is the resolution of the T-Series screens?

    T-5 Glass: 800x480

    T-7 Glass: 1280×800

    T-10 Glass: 1920x1200

  • Can the T-Series be used in landscape or portrait orientations?

    The T-5 Glass and T-7 Glass can only be used in landscape orientations.

    The T-10 Glass can be used in either landscape or portrait orientations. This is configured in Composer.