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Frequently Asked Questions

Zone Mix 761

  • Where can I find the external controller numbers for my Zone Mix 761?

    The Zone Mix 871 has a set of static control numbers that cannot be changed within the software. These can be found in the Zone Mix Help File under Help > Contents, and searching for Controller Assignment Tables.

  • Why can’t I connect to a Zone Mix 761 DSP from Composer?

    While Composer can see our Integrator Series DSPs (Jupiter and Zone Mix), they do have have their own respective software that will need to be used to fully connect and communicate. You can find Integrator Series software here.

  • Where can I find an Ethernet application with IP capable Symetrix products?

    SymNet Remote Terminal is a UDP terminal test application for testing Ethernet-based control for Symetrix products.

    SymNet Remote 

  • How does a third-party control system such as AMX or Crestron interface with the Integrator Series products?

    Host control (via the Integrator Series software applications) is over Ethernet. Third-party control (AMX and Crestron type systems) may also interface over Ethernet, or by RS-232 on certain Integrator Series products (such as Zone Mix 760’s shipped after January 1, 2008) and the Automix Matrix 780. The Integrator Series products use the same “RS-232” ASCII control protocol SymNet (as of Designer version 7.0) uses encapsulated into UDP packets. This is quickly becoming the preferred control method in the industry as it flattens out the control system into a true network. No more point-to-point comms, multiple serial cards, or distance limitations. The bonus here is, if the control system programmer is already familiar with SymNet, there is no learning curve!

    • The Control Protocol for the Integrator Series products can be downloaded here .
    • Crestron modules for the Zone Mix 760 are available here .
    • For additional reference, the SymNet Control Protocol can be found here. 
  • What pins are used on the serial cable?

    2, 3, 5, straight-through.

  • Is it possible to get more than three levels of priority paging on the Zone Mix 761?


    How-to: More than three levels of paging with the Zone Mix 761

    Within the offices of Symetrix, we often joke that our all-encompassing banner should actually read ‘Over-engineered by Symetrix’. We take great pride in the design of our products, so much so, that we often subconsciously overdo things — just a touch. It’s all for the better in the end, reinforcing our commitment to produce extremely high value, robust and affordable products for audio professionals.

    As we’ve come to find out, the Zone Mix 761 is no exception. It is advertised as having three levels of paging plus emergency page and background music. However, it is possible to get four, and even five, levels of paging if you do not require the emergency page and/or wish to forego background music in a zone.

    For up to four levels of priority paging plus one BGM (background music) source, you can use the Program 1 and Program 2 inputs for each zone as the lowest two paging levels (lowest of all is the BGM).

    1. For a given zone, assign your BGM as the source for Program 1.
    2. Select your lowest priority page mic as the source for Program 2.
    3. Adjust the Ducker Threshold, Depth and Hold as necessary.
    4. Set Page mics 2-4 as the sources for Page Stations 1-3.
    5. Set the Page Station Priority to Low, Med and High, respectively, for Page Stations 1-3.

    That’s it! 

    It is also possible to get five levels of paging. If you forego BGM in a zone, you can use the Program 1 source as your fifth paging source (lowest priority). Note that an external microphone preamplifier, such as the Symetrix 302 Dual Microphone Preamplifier, is required in order to connect microphones to the Audio Media inputs of the Zone Mix 761. But why stop there? You can expand even further on this configuration because the Symetrix 302 is a dual microphone preamplifier, why not use that 2nd channel to feed the next Audio Media input on the 760 so you can have a unique lowest level paging source for another zone?

  • Are Crestron modules available for the Symetrix Zone Mix 760 and Zone Mix 761?

    The following archive contains Crestron modules for the most commonly controlled functions of the Zone Mix 760:

    Examples provided include Volume, Mute, and Paging control. The modules will work with all Zone Mix 760’s via UDP/IP or RS-232 (on applicable 760’s). The modules are fully documented by the Zone Mix 760 Integrator Series Control Protocol Crestron Module Addendum linked here: Zone Mix 760 Integrator Series Control Protocol Crestron Module Addendum 

    See Also: Integrator Series External Control Protocol 

    The Symetrix, Inc. product warranty does not apply to this archive or the files contained within.

    Third Party Product Disclaimer – From time to time we test the compatibility of our own products with those of third parties. While we are happy to share with our customers the results of our own studies as well as other (possibly unsubstantiated) information regarding these third party products, it is the policy of Symetrix, Inc. to neither endorse, recommend nor support products manufactured and/or supplied by third parties. The responsibility of choosing third party products which are compatible with Symetrix products rests solely with the qualified contractor, consultant or system designer.

    In recognition of the relative risks and benefits to both the Integrator and SYMETRIX, INC, any recommendation or suggestion relating to the use of the Products made by SYMETRIX, INC or any other manufacturer either in technical literature or in response to a specific inquiry or otherwise, is given in good faith. HOWEVER, it is for the Integrator to satisfy himself that the Products are fit for the purpose of being utilized by a Consumer as the end-user of the Products. To the fullest extent permitted by law, SYMETRIX, INC is not liable for any and all claims, losses, costs, or unforeseen damages of any nature whatsoever. It is intended that this limitation apply to any and all liability or cause of action however alleged or arising, unless otherwise prohibited by law.

  • Where can I find a Flow Chart for the Zone Mix 760 and 761?

    The Flow Chart for the Zone Mix 760 and 761 can be found below. This document can be navigated like a web site by clicking on various points in the signal chain to view a particular part of the signal chain as represented in the Zone Mix 760 and 761 software.

    760 Flow Chart 

  • What are the most common external control commands for 3rd party controllers?

    CS – Controller set. Generally use for buttons.
    CC – Controller change. Generally use for faders.
    LP – Load preset.


    CS <controller number><controller position><cr>
    CC <controller number><1 for increment or 0 for decrement><amount><cr>

    LP 1

  • Where do I find the latest firmware and software for my Zone Mix 761?

    The latest firmware is always bundled with the latest software. There is no need to manage the firmware independently. 

    The software can be downloaded here: