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Use a Momentary Analog Button to Toggle a Mute Button On and Off

Mute buttons in Composer are essentially latched buttons, toggling on and off active and inactive states. However, a client or end-user may request the use of a momentary style, physical button to toggle a mute. This can be programmed in Composer using some simple logic modules.

Drag in a 1-Button Momentary from the Control Inputs folder, a Flip-flop module from the Control Logics folder, and a 2-Output Remote Control Number module from the Control Outputs folder and wire them as shown.

This Tech Tip will exhibit how to set up this control for the unit analog output mute, but this can be used for any latched style button.

Set up the mute button to remote control – in this case remote control number 1.

Next, edit the remote control number outputs to both have the same number that was assigned to the mute button.

Now, assign the 1-Button Momentary ON button to analog remote control.

Logic programming is only functionally viewable when Composer is online. Push and go online and test the logic programming.

Every time the momentary button activates, it triggers the flip-flop module to toggle back and forth between Q and NOT Q, which in turn triggers the remote control numbers. Because the same remote control number is in both outputs, it effectively toggles the mute button off and on.