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Maximizing Control and Maintaining Simplicity with W-Series Remote Controllers

The video on this page is part of the Symetrix training program of the same name. If you have already completed your Composer certification, you can utilize these videos to catch up on the latest products and techniques. If you have not yet earned your certificate, please access this content through our online training center.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the features of the W-Series Wall Panels
  • Assign control elements to devices and parameters using Composer ® software
  • Recognize the commonalities and differences between the four W-Series controllers and identify specific use cases where each may be the optimal choice


The Symetrix W-Series Wall Panels are IP-based, PoE powered, and feature editable OLED screens. They include:

  • W1
  • W2
  • W3
  • W4

These can be used by themselves in a system or combined to optimize the placement of controllers and functionality available to end-users.​ ​This chapter looks specifically at how to program the controllers in the W-Series. While the number of examples will be limited by time, the concepts and configuration instructions are applicable to any number of use cases. This flexibility is a key benefit of open-architecture systems like the Symetrix Composer Series of DSPs.​

​Programming is made easier by the W-Series’ Diagnostics panel that displays real-time edits and simulated control for verification of functionality.​ Within the Composer design application, the W-Series can be found in the Toolkit under the IP Remotes section. All W-Series devices are placed and discovered exactly like DSPs, using an IP address.​ ​The W-Series controllers are powered over Ethernet using either a user-supplied POE injector or POE network switch. This allows them to be placed anywhere on the network.​

​All models have options to edit the view of the OLED screen. Access these settings in the Unit Properties window by clicking edit remote settings. On models with an encoder knob, there are different modes you may choose from that utilize this parameter.​