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Paging Store & Forward Framework

This module is part of a powerful paging system that includes the Symetrix Radius NX family of DSPs and a separate USB storage device for audio recording and playback.

The USB drive must be formatted to exFAT in order to function correctly. Additionally, it must be completely blank before using with the system.

Download the complete framework Site File from the Control Library. 

Open the Site File within Composer, then double click on the DSP and connect audio inputs and outputs to the super module. Either the 4 x 4 or 12 x 8 Radius NX may be used.

Next, right-click and ‘Open Design’ to observe the entire store and forward
programming, including the embedded Intelligent Module, as well as features exclusive to Radius NX; like Record Playback and super-matrix modules.

Both the recording and playback features have important information contained in their module notes as indicated by the red dot. These list critical settings that are required for correct function of the system and deviation is not recommended.

The system includes premade control screens for up to eight separate paging stations and a main or manager screen that includes all stations.

The control screens may be exported for use on any SymVue destination,
including Symetrix’s touchscreens. Up to 16 zones may be selected as paging endpoints per station. Any combination of zones is possible. In this example we have four stations, each paging a single zone.

To begin paging, press the button. A single page will play immediately. If a second station or more attempts to page while another is playing, it will be recorded and played back in the order recorded. There are paging and playback volume and shuttle controls, as well as a read-only status area.

Once the last recording is played, the playback ceases and the cycle resets for the next page or pages.