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Setting-up ARC-3 Dynamic Menus

The ARC-3 remote delivers powerful capabilities with Dynamic Menus. Dynamic Menus allow you to enable an entire ARC, or individual menus within, based on the activation of other Control Numbers. For example, in a room combining application, you may choose to display different or additional controls based on rooms being combined or uncombined.

This Tech Tip will cover the basic set up of dynamic menus for a conference center that has a space which can be divided into four separate rooms; 1, 2, 3, and 4.

In a real-world scenario, it is likely that each one of these rooms will have their own ARC-3 for isolated control. We’ll start with Room 1.

The Room Combiner module will do the job of combining inputs, or rooms, into a single mix, and outputting that mix to both rooms. The following gain module will be used for individual room volume control.

  1. First, set up each of the room gain faders to remote control so that all four ARC-3s have all four gain faders. This example will only set up two ARC-3 remotes.

  2. Then, assign each of the combine buttons their own basic remote Control Numbers, not tied to an ARC-3. This example uses 11 through 16 for ease of understanding.

  3. Now, open up the Remote Control Manager and go to the ARCs tab. Re-label the ARCs in order of their room. Address one for Room 1, address 2 for room 2, and so on.

  4. Open up the menu folder for ARC-3, Room 1. Double-click Gain 2 under the ARC-3 for Room 1. Check the Dynamic Menu Enable box and enter remote control number 11. This tells Composer and the ARC-3 to only display the Room 2 gain fader on the Room 1 ARC, when rooms 1 and 2 are combined.

  5. Double-click Gain 3 under Room 1 ARC. Follow the same steps but enter remote Control Number 12. This tells Composer and the ARC-3 to only show Gain 3 on Room ones ARC when rooms 1 and 3 are combined.

  6. Repeat this for Gain 4, using remote control number 13.

  7. Now, moving to the ARC-3 for Room 2. Follow these same previous steps for all gain faders, except for that Room’s fader, referring to the remote Control Numbers and which rooms it combines in the combiner. The gain fader control for every respective room does not need to be a dynamic menu because each room will always display its own gain fader on its respective ARC remote. Meaning Room 1 will always have Gain 1, Room 2 will always have Gain 2, and so on.

  8. Once completed, push programming to the DSP and ARCs and double check for accuracy and functionality. When no rooms are combined, all ARC remotes should only show their respective room’s gain control. When any combination of rooms are combined, they should all show those controls from rooms they are combined with.