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Third-Party Control: LEA Connect Amplifiers

This Symetrix Intelligent Module works seamlessly with LEA Connect Amplifiers to deliver exceptional audio performance. The module provides input metering and monitoring, source selection, output level metering, gain control, limiting, muting, and more.

Adding the Intelligent Modules for LEA Connect Amplifiers to your site file is a fast and free process. This demo uses the LEA Dante Connect 168D and the Dante Connect Eight-channel module, but the process is essentially identical for each of the Dante models. Network Connect, non-Dante modules can be imported directly into the Design View.

First, download the intelligent modules from the Symetrix Control Library to your computer. Launch Composer. To add the LEA amp, we can go to the user library and add a new device. Browse the network and find the device. If you have any issues locating the device, please ensure that the amp is properly connected to the network and powered on. Also check if the device’s firmware is updated to the latest version. Edit the device, check the, ‘supports intelligent module’ box. Then we can import the Intelligent Module we downloaded. Upon opening the module for the first time you will have to enter the IP address of the amplifier to connect.