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Using Intelligent Modules in Your Composer Designs – Part I – Courtroom Example

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  • Symetrix Control Library
  • Professional Services
  • Adding Intelligent Modules to a Site File
  • Customizing Control Screens
  • Adding and Styling Buttons
  • Labeling Controls


Hi, I’m Erin Carpenter up an applications engineer with Symetrix. I’m going to show you how you can use intelligent modules in your Composer designs. Intelligent Modules can be found in the Symetrix Control Library under software. Here there are a variety of Intelligent Modules that have been produced for various partners. You can also build your own intelligent modules using Lewis scripting. Or you can contract Professional Services to create custom modules. Under Services Professional Services we find connect with pro services today and we can fill out this form to describe the needs of your specific project.

There are a couple of different ways we can bring in intelligent modules. We can pull them right out of our user collection or we can open an intelligent module from a file on our PC. From here we can copy a button to our control screen. We can set the button to have a symbol instead of a word to indicate its use. We have separate symbols for off and on. Then we can make the background transparent so that we only see the symbol. We also can copy a radio button to the control screen and we can change text on the buttons for our specific application.