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Using Intelligent Modules in Your Composer Designs – Part II – Conference Room Example

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  • Control Library
  • Third-Party Control
  • Adding Dante-enabled Devices
  • Control Screen Design


I am going to show you how you can integrate third-party Dante devices into your Composer designs. On the Symetrix home page, under software we find the Control Library, where we can find a variety of Intelligent Modules including many that correlate to Dante devices. Many of them are integrated into Composer or you may have to go to a third-party website to download them. Integrators can also build their own intelligent modules in Lua, or Symetrix Professional Services can be contracted to create custom modules.

In order to bring in a Dante device we can go to the User Library and add a new Dante device. We can browse the network and find the device we want to add. Then we edit the device. Check the “supports intelligent module” checkbox. And then we can import the appropriate Intelligent Module for the device. And then we have brought the Dante device into the site file.

When we enter the DSP program, under Intelligent Modules will find the Intelligent Module correlated to the Dante device that we brought in. We will only find Intelligent modules for Dante devices that are in the site file.

Now, I am going to bring in a logarithmic taper fader and we’re going to use that fader. We are going to set it up to a control number and we are going to copy it into the main control screen. I am going to switch this to a vertical fader. I like to turn off the tick marks. I think it looks neater.

Now we have the fader in the control screen. We can set these up to remote control and manually enter the control number. Again, the fader is on six. Here we are confirming that we want to tie that to that fader. Now if we go to the main control screen, you will see that all these faders are tied together.