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Using LEDs to Indicate Active Presets on Control Screens

In Symetrix DSPs, the word “active” isn’t quite the right term to describe presets. Presets are simply a snapshot of one or more parameters in a particular state, and are more so re-called than they are active. However, when using a SymVue Control Screen, there is a way to offer what looks like an “active preset” indicator using the LEDs from an Input Logic module.

Let’s say for example, that we want three volume and routing presets that can be recalled depending on the time of day for an entertainment venue which could correspond to pre, during, and post event. In this example, we’ll use a 6 Channel Gain module that would control 5 zone volumes within the venue. We’ll also use a Matrix Mixer that will control routing of different sources to different zones.

First, drag in a 4 button radio module from the Control Inputs folder, as well as a 4 input logic module from the Control Logics folder. Label the radio button module if desired, then wire the two modules as shown. We will not need the fourth option for either module.

Now, set the different modes or presets that the system should be in; pre-event, during-event, and post-event. Presets should include the 4 button radio module in each system state as well. Store these into the desired preset numbers and name them accordingly. This example will simply use presets one, two, and three. Presets one and two have already been created.

Once all presets have been created, open the SymVue Control Screen. We can see here that the Matrix Mixer and the output Gain control modules have already been added to the control screen design. From the Toolkit, drag in the preset recall buttons for each system mode. Then copy the three LEDs from the 4 input logic module to the control screen and place them next to the preset recall buttons. Adjust the sizing and labeling of the buttons and LEDs accordingly.

Composer will not show live logic activity while offline. Push to go online and test the programming. Once online, one of the LEDs will be illuminated as if that preset is active. This is simply a reflection of the control signal going to the 4 input logic module and is not representative that a preset is actually active.

Take the control screen out of edit mode and test the programming. The presets should trigger the zone mixer and volume controls to change and the LEDs should update accordingly.