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Using Presets in Your Composer Designs – Restaurant Example


  • Preset Manager
  • Preset Recall and Control Screens
  • Automated Control Events
  • Preset Triggers


Hi, I’m Aaron Carpenter. I’m an applications engineer with Symetrix, and I’m going to show you how you can better use presets in your composer designs. It is important to remember that presets do not provide an entire snapshot of the site file. Individual elements must be added to a preset. You can use Preset Manager to review what each preset contains.

Using the Preset Recall feature on control screen viewer buttons can be a powerful tool in creating automated control events. In this example, we are using preset recall to turn the system on and off and reset levels to a baseline setting on power up.

Enable preset trigger and set preset number to one. We can make the button transparent, and we can eliminate the text to make an invisible button. Or we could set the button to symbol and leave the symbol fields blank. Here we can see our symbol library. I have enclosed the symbol library with the assets so you can use this one if you desire.

Here we are just going to use number 91, which is a power button. Choose preset trigger and set preset number to two, to turn our system off.

We can also use preset triggers to activate presets. Here I am using this feature to accept logic input from a fire alarm.

I set this up to remote control and a local analog input, switch 1A. We use a two-input logic set to “or.” I am going to insert two preset triggers. One for the true state and one for the false state.

Those are default presets of 999 to mute all hardware, and 1000 to unmute all hardware.