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Volume as Percentage

In the audio world, the decibel is the standard measurement of sound level that makes sense when viewed on a gain fader with scale markers. For end-users, reading a volume control’s current position in dB can be a more difficult task to intuit. Rather than providing training manuals and explaining the dB scale, it may often prove more beneficial to simply provide the volume control to the end-user as a percentage instead, a more easily understood scale.

  1. Presuming there is already some DSP programming done, in Composer, drag in a 1 Fader module from the Control Modules, Control Inputs Toolkit folder.

  2. Then open up both the 1 Fader module as well as the module that has the gain fader you’d prefer to display in percentage. In this case, we’re using a standard gain block, and routing control to the fader labeled Entrance.

  3. Right click on the intended control fader and select set up to remote control. Then choose to assign it a remote control number, but without assigning a controller to it.

  4. Click ok and then right click on the 1 Fader module’s slider and choose set up to remote control. Now, find the actual remote control intended for use by the end-user. In this example, we’ll be setting this up for a W1 remote.

  5. Towards the bottom of the setup remote control wizard, choose to manually enter number and enter the same number that was assigned to the intended fader, here, the Entrance fader.

  6. Click Ok and Composer will offer a warning that another parameter has this control. This is exactly what is intended for the purpose of this tech tip. Click OK.

You can see now that both the Entrance fader and the 1 Fader slider both have the same remote control number, one. As the W-1 remote interface appears, we can see that the control is showing as a percentage. If we move the virtual encoder, we can see both the 1 Fader slider and the Entrance fader moving in kind.

Linking controls like this can be a powerful and clever way to achieve different ends, and will work for various controllers like control screens, ARC-WEB, and other remotes with display screens.