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W-Series Select and Set

One of the advantages of the W-3 and W-4 control panels is the Select and Set function. The Select and Set function provides a simple and intuitive user interface. The Select and Set option on the W-3 and W-4 provides a means to map a labeled selection button with the encoder knob. The selector button labels clearly indicate what is to be controlled with the encoder associated with the selected button. A new, untrained user will be able to quickly discover the purpose of the control panel by observing the labeling of the selection buttons and the relationship of the buttons and knob. The encoder also has a label that dynamically changes to indicate the level of the function being adjusted.

Use the Select and Set feature whenever multiple level adjustments need to be controlled from a single control interface.

For example:

  • The level of multiple microphones or inputs needs to be controlled.
  • The level of different speaker zones needs to be adjustable.
  • The brightness of different lighting zones needs to be controlled.

In this example, we are starting with a site file created with a single DSP and a single W3 remote control. The first thing we need to do is set up the W3 to use the select and set mode.

Open up the W3 and go to the edit remote control settings. Change this to Select and set and click ‘OK.’ In this example, inputs are already labeled and a four-channel gain control has been added.

We will open up the gain control, and right-click on the first fader. We’ll set up it up for control from the W3. We will assign the first fader for the first button. Let’s do this with the other three.

Finally, go to the properties window on the right and change the labels for the buttons. Now in the W3 simulator, we’ll just give this quick test.