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xIO XLR Page Toggle

The xIO XLR-Series has a button on the front panel that makes this device versatile and useful for many different applications. In this video, we’ll cover how to set the button up to be used as a paging toggle to mute and unmute a microphone that will page the whole building.

In this site file we can see there are five zones: lounge, patio, VIP, restroom, and kitchen.

This site will be incorporating an xIO XLR 1×1, and it will be used to page to all zones in case of emergency, or if other sitewide announcements are required. You can see that the red highlighted wire is where the xIO XLR signal will be going.

Note that the kitchen does not have any background music or microphone audio from the rest of the system. Also note this programming has a single gain module handling the audio level for the xIO XLR. This is the mute that will be controlled.

First, set the xIO XLR button press function to control pins.

Now, enter into the design view of the site and drag in the Intelligent Module and the shown logic modules, 8 Button Latched, Flip Flop and Dual-Preset trigger, and wire them accordingly.

If you like, rename the 8 Button Latched to reflect the LED controls. This can help stay organized when programming. In this case, we’ll only really need the red, green, and on controls for the inside of the xIO XLR. However, all eight wires are connected.

Open up the 8 Button Latched as well as the Dual-Preset Triggers.

Engage the on and red buttons, and ensure their on level is set to 100%.

Then give the Dual-Preset Triggers presets one and two; decide which preset you would like the muted state to be. This programming uses preset two for this right click in the outer area of the eight button latched and store module settings in preset two.

Now open up the gain module for the xIO XLR and engage the mute. Then right click on the mute to set it to preset two as well.

Next, reset the 8 Button Latched so that the red button is off and the green button is on, leaving the on button engaged. Right click and store module settings in preset one.

Disengage the xIO XLR gain modules mute button and add it to preset one as well.

At this point, test your presets from Preset Manager located in Tools > Preset Manager or control + G to ensure they are working as they should.

Preset one should recall the unmuted state with the green Led on. Preset two should recall the muted state with the red led on. Composer must be online to view logic programming working, so push the site design and go online.

The xIO XLR led should update to the current state of the logic programming, likely the muted state. Test the programming with the xIO XLR panel button to ensure the preset states are acting as they should.