Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations
Legacy Hardware

527E Voice Processor

The Symetrix 527E traces its heritage back to the Symetrix 528, the first signal processor specifically
designed for voice applications. Revered as the rackmount equivalent of a studio console strip, the
classic 528E is still the most widely-used voice processor in the broadcast industry. To this
benchmark design, we added new controls and connections, and we refined it according to the
needs of installed sound applications. The result: An ideal product for installations requiring great
sounding key microphones. When used on announcement mics in stadiums and gymnasiums,
wireless and lapel mics in church systems, and paging mics in acoustically challenging
environments, the 527E provides voice-optimized processing from the company than invented it. 

Simply stated, the 527E consists of a high-quality microphone preamp coupled to a three-band
parametric equalizer, high and low pass filters, and a dynamic range processor.